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Birthdate:Jan 1
Pearson, Crow's mentor from YGO 5D's, created in a filler episode to help explain Crow's past and how he aquired the Black Bird D-Wheel. Pearson was the original creator of Black Bird, and was an aspiring D-Wheel designer who also raised orphans and helped them learn the basics of mechanics. Crow was one of the children he took under his wing after Crow left Team Satisfaction (approximately?). However, he turned down an offer from citizens of Neo Domino to fund his designs, which perplexed and infuriated Bolger...and so he challenged him to a duel. Bolger used a mysterious card that had the ability to make it's attacks real, and so due to the physical effects, Pearson was knocked into an oil lamp that set itself aflame and engulfed the house in fire.

Pearson perished in the blaze, but not before leaving his D-Wheel and deck to a shocked and traumatized Crow, giving him his will.

This Pearson comes before all that, when everything was relatively hunky-dory and he was BFFs with Bolger and picked up Crow to be one of his pet orphans.

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black bird, blackfeathers, bolger, crow, pet orphans
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